Video clip by Bradley Glenn

Battle of the Bozos (Trailer)

Two New York City companies. Twenty-five Bozo the Clown bop bags. A window-display face-off that culminated in a shock-and-awe campaign of pure clown force on an otherwise ordinary Monday morning. “The Battle of the Bozos” chronicles the true story of how a harmless gag gift from a holiday party inadvertently touched off a showdown between strangers—and proves that, in a big place like New York, you never know who’s watching.

Winner of “Official Best of Fest” award, recognizing it as in the top 5% of films to play at festivals in 2010. Distributed on DVD as part of the “Official Best of Fest” collection and coming soon to PBS in 2011. Screened at over 5 nationally recognized festivals including The Seattle International Film Festival, the Athens Film and Video Festival and the first ever Williamsburg Film Festival (Brooklyn).

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