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December 10, 2010

What does a producer do, anyway? Pt. 4

I’m not a flash developer, nor HTML. I not a DP either, or an actor (not anymore, anyway…) I don’t know Maya or Unity (3D animation), and I don’t do layouts or write scripts (well, occasionally). I do edit video/film but gosh darn it, I’m sloooow.

Though I don’t know any of these skills enough to get paid to do them, I do know enough to be dangerous. imageI know when something’s not working, when an animation is too fast, when a font is illegible onscreen, when the text doesn’t line up or when the shot is not working. Call it intuition, sure. But I also know that there are plenty of situations that I need an outside eye to help me determine the proper diagnosis for the problem, or recognize when the job being done is not up to expectations. I call it in often.

“RENDERING” is the big joke between digital people and the non-digital people who pay them. Why is the job not ready yet? It’s “rendering”. “How long will it render?” “As much as it needs.” Why does it look that way? Bad render. Must re-render. (People love to hear that….) A producer steps in and gives context- see my earlier post on being the hub.

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